Crocheted baby sweater

Pardon the instagram photo.  It is easier, these days, to just take a picture on the phone and upload it directly to IG.  I used this free pattern but made some tweaks.  For instance, I put the arm holes in off-center so that it would be asymmetrical.  I like that.  I also kept the sleeves … Continue reading Crocheted baby sweater

More for baby girl

It seems like I’ve always got a little girl project going on.  Like I said last time, I hope to have a nice little stack of girly things for my new niece, arriving at the end of April. My twins loved to be swaddled when they were tiny.  In the hospital they were always snuggled … Continue reading More for baby girl

I’m a day late

I just realized that I am a day (almost two) late on my post a week goal.  My husband was out of town last week on business.  So, I was a single mommy all 24 hours of every day, not just during work hours.  I still worked on projects, though. Let me show you what … Continue reading I’m a day late