Halloween costumes of the past

I thought I’d post our Halloween costumes from the past couple of years, since they’re always handmade. 

Last year I was pregnant with the twins- and huge- so I was the Up house.  Liam was Russell and Mike was Carl.  These were very fun costumes and really made people smile.ImageImageImageImageThe year before last Liam was Nacho Libre, Mike was a zombie, and I was Cleopatra.  We had the mask for Liam, too, but he wouldn’t wear it, so we have no pictures of it. 😦

ImageImageImageAnd, the year before that Liam was just a couple months old and was a sock monkey.  I loved this costume.  I used real socks (I couldn’t find the actual socks with the red heel that sock monkeys are normally made from) and stitched up the little pants, shirt, and hat.  Oh yeah, he had a tail, too.ImageImageImage

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