More for baby girl

It seems like I’ve always got a little girl project going on.  Like I said last time, I hope to have a nice little stack of girly things for my new niece, arriving at the end of April.

My twins loved to be swaddled when they were tiny.  In the hospital they were always snuggled up in at least one blanket, sometimes two or three.  At home I loved using swaddle blankets.  I made a couple for my guys using a self-drafted pattern.  They worked well, but aren’t quite as pretty as this. 


I made it using a free pattern.  I hope it works well and baby likes it. 


It sewed up really easily and looks cozy.  I tried to stick Lucas in it to give it a whirl.  It barely covered his belly button.  🙂  I guess my tiny 14 month old is not tiny enough. So, I’ll have to see if I can find a new baby to try it on.  

ImageIf it works well, I think I might add this pattern to my ever-growing stack of go-to baby gifts. 


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