Crocheted baby sweater

Pardon the instagram photo.  It is easier, these days, to just take a picture on the phone and upload it directly to IG. 

I used this free pattern but made some tweaks.  For instance, I put the arm holes in off-center so that it would be asymmetrical.  I like that.  I also kept the sleeves short and added a scallop around all the edges. 


2 responses to “Crocheted baby sweater”

  1. Can you give instruction on how to make your tweaks, because I really love your version! Thanks!

    1. Hey, Lori. I’m glad you like this sweater!

      I am not exactly sure why my bobbles look differently than the pattern. Hmm.

      I started the arm holes at a different place than the pattern calls for so that the buttons would be off center. I might push it even more to make it even more off-center when I do another. I also omitted the double crochet around the entire edge and replaced it with a scallop (1sc, 1hdc, 1dc, 1hdc) all in the same stitch, skip 1 st, sc in next, skip 1 st, repeat. On the right side I added a layer of double crochet before the scallops to give it a little bit more to wrap over the buttons. Let me know if that helps. I plan to make another, so I will take better notes when I’m doing it to be able to share.

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