Cute little outfit for my Luke

I rarely make full outfits for my boys.  I’ve made individual pieces, like birthday shirts, shoes, hats… I don’t very often have the time, for one thing, to make a whole look, though.  This week was the exception.


I really wanted to make some cute pants for my guys.  I drafted up a pattern, knowing a general shape I wanted, and sewed Luke’s first.  They turned out pretty cute.  They’ve got some deep pockets, lined in a gray and white hounds tooth.  I love this detail, but next time I’ll push it even further.  It’s hard to see in the pictures.  They also have a cute tuck running down the front.  The fabric that I used is a cotton- soft and comfy.  Anyway, cute!

ImageBut then, I needed a top to go with them. I wanted something funky and casual, with some accents of the hounds tooth fabric. I came up with this hooded vest, using some old shirts I was going to take to DI.  I love giving old things a new life, but it definitely posed some problems.  For instance, the top was a size 5T tank (I was going for size 12 month), so it wasn’t quite big enough to cut brand new pieces.  So, I had to just take it in a bit at the shoulders, down the sides, and hemline.  But, the arm holes were not quite the shape I was hoping for.  Ah well.  I still think it turned out pretty cool.

ImageAnd I paired it all with some baby Toms that I made a few months ago. 

ImageI plan to make a couple of little modifications to the pants for Jude… he needs a longer rise than Luke, and he needs a bigger size.  I also think I’ll make the pocket opening bigger so you’ll be able to see the contrast fabric a bit better.  

ImageI think it’s a pretty fun little outfit, though. 


Jude’s top will have to be made using different fabric, anyway, so I might play around with painting my own pattern.  That could be fun!


2 responses to “Cute little outfit for my Luke”

  1. Super cute little guy you have there! Great job on the outfit! Good luck with Sew-vivor!

  2. How fun! I also thought it was funny that we have a Jude too and Liam was on our boy list of names. 😀 The outfit looks adorable on! Good luck with Sewvivor!

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