Day 8: An Ornament a Day

Find a rainbow.

I could have gone in a number of directions for today’s prompt, but ultimately I decided that a rainbow signifies love, peace, and happiness.

I thought that a heart shape represents those ideas well.

Yesterday, I heard of the tragic death of a ten-year-old black girl who was bullied. It absolutely breaks my heart to think that such a beautiful young soul, with so much life ahead of her, felt so unloved. 💔 Her death was directly caused by racism and hate. Ten. Years. Old.

Let that sink in.

My twins will be ten at the end of December. It makes me physically sick to my stomach to think about my tiny ten-year-olds feeling so alone and desperate as this girl must have felt.

May we always show kindness. May we always be patient and compassionate. May we teach our children these same virtues. There is enough hate and darkness in the world. May we be the light, so that no more of God’s children will feel like life isn’t worth living.


Tomorrow is Day 9: World Art Day

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