Day 2: An Ornament a Day

This one just makes me grin from ear to ear!

The prompt is Dress Up Your Pet Day. I was brainstorming with my kids. One of my boys suggested to make a chihuahua with a top hat. One of the girls suggested a kitty dressed up as a lion. I wanted to do something a little more unexpected than a dog or a cat, though. Lucas (9) suggested a goldfish dressed up as a shark. It is perfect!

I could have stopped after making the goldfish and shark costume, but I wanted a creative way to display it. I thought about finding a clear plastic bowl, but then I decided that it would be kind of clever to display it in a bag… like the owner just purchased him from the pet store!

There’s a special freebie for you today! Click the link to download the Fish Coloring Page.

Make sure you come back for Day 3: National Popcorn Day

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