Singing Time– Mr. Mustache

I used this activity for Father’s Day, but it can be altered to fit your needs.

The kids in my ward still ask when Mr. Mustache will be back. They loved him!

I’ll first outline the activity and then I’ll show you how to make your own Puddy Pad Puppet Pal.

The activity

Make several neckties for your puppet. Each necktie correlates to a dad joke and a primary song. Call on a child to come up to the board to pick a necktie to put on Mr. Mustache (Brother Mustache at church 😉 ). The child can use the puppet if they want to. Some kids are shy and only want to choose the tie.

Have Brother Mustache tell the dad joke to the group. Most of the jokes correlate to a primary song (ie “What’s a whale’s favorite primary song? Swallow the Prophet”– and then we would sing “Follow the Prophet”).

You could use Mr. Mustache in other ways as well. Instead of having jokes associated with the ties, maybe you could have ways to sing (ie “march to the beat” or “girls/ boys only”). Perhaps Mr. Mustache could have a super long tie (that you don’t mind cutting). When the kids sing well, you could cut off part of the tie. By the end of class, hopefully just a little nub is left at the top.

Making your own Mr. Mustache

You can find the ad-free pdf pattern, with lots of process drawings/ photos in my Etsy shop here.

With a little bit of fleece fabric, some stuffing, and some odds and ends, you can make your own hand puppet.

You can even add long hair and make a Mrs. Mustache. I added lips and hair to this one. I accidentally stitched the eyes on crooked. With the crazy eyes and the fishy-lips, my kids named her Silly Sally.

Ha! She makes me smile. You could also use faux fur for the entire puppet and make a monster instead of a person. The possibilities are endless with these fun and silly puppets. And– the kids absolutely LOVE them!

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  1. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..extra wait .. ?

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