Singing Time– Build a Hotdog

I used the song “I Feel My Savior’s Love” for this activity, but really any song can be used.

Set up:

Decide how many “toppings” you want to have for your hotdog. I did 8 items: bun, hotdog, ketchup, mustard, relish, onions, chili, and cheese. The 8 yucky things were: slipper (instead of bun), scoop of chocolate ice cream, scoop of strawberry ice cream, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, cotton candy, bandaid, and hair.

Hotdog toppings: bun, hotdog, ketchup, mustard, relish, chili, onions, cheese
Extra toppings: strawberry ice cream, chocolate syrup, chocolate ice cream, strawberry syrup, cotton candy, bandaid, hair

You’ll need to have all 8 “toppings” in each category. I made all of these items except for the slipper. You could use a sock or a shoe or whatever. I also made a big paper hotdog tray to hold everything in. I wanted my hotdog to be huge, so I made everything larger than life! I hope to have pattern pieces for my toppings soon. Email me for a copy.

Print off the words to fill in the blanks. I eliminated 7 or 8 words in each verse. (I did the activity for each of the verses separately, but you could do it for the whole song at one time, if you prefer. Also, the kids know the chorus, so I only did the verse) These are the words that I used for the first verse:

Feel/ Smell
Love/ Hand
World/ Clouds
Around/ Above
Spirit/ Blanket
Soul/ Heart
See/ Touch

Eliminate words from the song and write the lyrics on the board, leave a blank space for the eliminated word(s).

Mine looked like this:

I _________ my Savior’s _____________
In all the __________ ____________ me.
His ___________ warms my __________
Through everything I _____________.

We use sticks in my ward, but you could just call on kids that are being reverent or other ways of choosing kids to help.

I did the activity a little bit differently for Jr. and Sr. primary, so I will outline the activity in both instances.

Junior Primary

Call on a child to come help. Read the first line up to your blank space. Have the child decide which word fits best in the blank. If they choose the correct word, add a “topping” to make the hotdog. If they choose incorrectly, add one of the extra “toppings”.

For example,

“Jack, the first line of this verse is ‘I blank my Savior’s blank.’ What do you think goes in that first space? ‘Feel’ or ‘Smell’?”

Jack chooses “feel”

“Correct!” Put the bun in the tray.

“Sally, ‘I feel my Savior’s blank.’ Do you think it should be ‘love’ or ‘hand’?”

Sally chooses “hand”

“Let’s see… (I had a list of what “topping” each word correlates with, but you could just choose something from the incorrect group)” Add a scoop of strawberry ice cream to the bun.

Continue until all of the blanks are filled in. Read the verse with the words that were chosen, fix anything that was incorrect, and sing the verse.

Sing the verse (with the chorus) again. Have the kids sing loudly when your hands are far apart, quietly when your hands are close together, and medium when your hands are straight out in front of you.

Erase the board, put away all of the “toppings,” and write the second verse on the board, leaving blank spaces for the missing words. These are the words I used for the second verse:

Savior’s/ Sister’s
Love/ Nose
Gentleness/ Perfection
Kneel/ Jump
Pray/ Eat
Heart/ Eye
Peace/ Beans

And this is what the board looked like for the second verse:

I feel my ________ _________
Its __________ enfolds me. (I explained what “enfolds” means)
And when I ________ to __________
My __________ is filled with _________.

Repeat activity with the second and third verses. We only had time to do the first two verses, and we really rushed to do the second. We will do this same activity next week with the second and third verses.

Senior Primary

The board is set up exactly the same as for Jr. Primary, but instead of having the child choose the correct answer, have the child roll a die. If it is an even number, you get the hotdog “topping.” If it’s an odd number, you get the extra “topping.” The older kids get a kick out of messing up the words. They were rooting for odd numbers. It was pretty fun.

Make sure you change the incorrect words before singing. You will probably still get some kids singing the messed up words the first time through. Gently remind them that the songs we sing are like a prayer to Heavenly Father. We can have fun and be silly, but when we sing the songs, we should use the correct words to show love and respect.

I did the same volume controls with the Sr. Primary. You may have to ask them to please not yell when they sing loudly.

The kids had a ton of fun and were so excited to see what “topping” got to go on the hotdog. I would LOVE to see if you do this activity! Send pictures to or find me on Facebook: @chelsie.brady

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