Crochet: Photo Props (And some cute photography)

I’ve been knitting and crocheting up a storm lately!  I’ve also been hand-dyeing and hand-spinning wool.  My family laughs at my weird hobbies.  🙂  All I gotta say is- don’t knock it til you try it!  On top of all of that, I’ve been photographing some cute new babes.  I am, by no means, a photographer, so I don’t know if these would be considered good by professional photographer standards, but I like them.  And, the mommas like them, so that’s something!

First up is Miss Lillian Rose.  Here’s my chunky knit pixie bonnet with roses.


DSC_0187eppdA couple of turban beanies: with flower, and with lace bow:


DSC_0236eppdA Genevieve Bonnet

DSC_0277eppdMy hand-dyed/ hand spun ombre pixie bonnet… also, basket fluff that looks like a cloud.  I love it:


Next, I photographed some twinners, which was kind of a difficult task.  Getting one baby asleep and comfortable is hard enough.  Two is close to impossible!  I was worried that we didn’t get as many good ones, but I was pleasantly surprised when I did some editing at how many good ones there were!

These littles are Ella and Jacob.  DSC_0286eppd

We did mostly some very simple setups, but I did have a chance to use some of my props.  Jacob wearing my chunky knitted button beanie:

DSC_0148 - CopyppdElla in my vintage elegant posing bowl (used like a cocoon):

DSC_0153 - Copyppd

Again with my hand-dyed/ hand spun yarn.  Pixie bonnet with flower and simple beanie:DSC_0236 - Copyppd

Ella wearing my vintage floral striped bonnet:

DSC_0378ppdAnd, my sweet basket fluff.  I just ordered some more of these and should be available (in all sorts of hand-dyed goodness) next week.

DSC_0280eppdThanks, Mamas, for letting me play with your sweeties!  Most of the props from these shoots are available for purchase.  Inquire at Puddy Pad Designs facebook page.

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