Crochet: Halloween Costumes

I have recently done some really fun and silly costume crocheting.

Last year was the year of the Minion.  I don’t even know how many of this hat I made.


I even made the concept into a ski mask.


This year, it’s all about the Frozen characters.  I’ve seen some beautiful sewn Elsa and Anna costumes.  My talented friend, Briana K Crochet, has designed this awesome Olaf costume.

DSC_0033 (4)

DSC_0035 (4)

DSC_0040 (4)

I can make it for you in any size, from newborn- 18 months.


This one is size 18 months, and can be purchased here in my shop.

The next costume I want to show you is also from Briana K Crochet: the garden gnome.


I think this is hilarious and cute.  I can customize it to your liking.  You want a little girly gnome?  No problem… how about Santa Claus- you betcha!  Maybe even a Smurf or Leprechaun…  I can make pretty much any size from newborn through adult (though adult costs more).


This one is not available for purchase, but you can custom order it here in my shop.


One response to “Crochet: Halloween Costumes”

  1. I know it is very short notice but my youngest who is only 2 months old had an Olaf costume that didn’t turn out at all. I just wanted to check and see if you by any seldom chance had a costume already made that maybe someone backed out of. Please let me know if so, if not thank you for your time.

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