Little Lion Gift Set| Free pattern

DSC_0037 (6)lion cub

So, remember this?

panda giftI mentioned that I also had a snuggler to go with it.

DSC_0055 (2)This whole panda set is for my sister-in-law, who’s set to have a baby in a week or so.  We are going to visit family (leaving tomorrow) for a couple of weeks.  Hopefully, we’ll get to see and snuggle precious baby Quinn.

Well, I also mentioned that another sister-in-law is due with a baby boy in a couple of months.  I did a similar set, only boy-i-fied.

DSC_0037 (6)And a snuggler:

DSC_0053 (3)The hat is similar to one of my most popular designs:judelionTaken long before I got a nice camera, so sorry about the blur.  The shoes are my own pattern (Bonus: free pattern at the end!)

DSC_0042 (5)And, of course, I had to make a matching rattle for little Ke-ju!

DSC_0050 (3)I am so excited to meet these sweet babes, and so excited for their parents (both first born)!  Hopefully these little gifts will come in handy.

Now, raise your hand if you want a free crochet pattern…

DSC_0047 (3)You betcha!  I always love a good free pattern.  This is a nice basic pair of loafers.  I think they’d be just as cute for a girl.  And, you could even thin out the strap to make a cute pair of mary janes.  Anyway, I’d love to see your versions, if you end up using it.  Of course, you may use this pattern as you wish, but please don’t sell it or steal it as your own.  I would appreciate a link back to this post if you use it.

I don’t have a tutorial for this pattern.  If you’d like one, let me know.  I may be able to work something up (after we get back from vacation).

DSC_0046 (3)

Edits in Blue: October 2, 2014

Little Man Button Loafers­

By Chelsie Brady of Puddy Pad Designs

Size F hook

Worsted weight yarn


Chain 12

Round 1

Beginning in second stitch from hook, sc 4, hdc 2, dc 4, 7 dc in last stitch

Working along other side of chain, dc 4, hdc 2, sc 3, 3 sc in last stitch (do not join, just continue in first stitch) (29)

Round 2

Sc 10, [2 sc in same stitch]- 7 times, sc 9, [2 sc in same stitch]- 4 times (40)

Round 3

Sc 11, [sc, 2 sc in same stitch]- 5 times, 11 sc, [sc, 2 sc]- 4 times (49)


Round 1

hdc in each stitch around IN BACK LOOPS ONLY (49)

Round 2

hdc in each stitch around (49)

Round 3

Sc 9 10,

IN BACK LOOPS ONLY: sc2tog, 2 sc, hdc2tog, [dc2tog]- 4times, hdc2tog, sc 2, sc2tog

Sc 8 10, [sc2tog, sc]- 4 times, sc 3 (37) Don’t worry about stitch count from here on.  We aren’t going to start and stop each round at the same place anymore.

Round 4

Sc 2, Sl st 6, sc2tog, hdc2tog, dc2tog, dc, dc2tog (this stitch should be right at the front of the shoe), dc, dc2tog, hdc2tog, sc2tog, sl st 6, sc 2, sc2tog, 2 sc, sl st to join last stitch. Fasten off and weave in ends. (29)


For RIGHT shoe, attach yarn around back post 3 stitches from where you left off. Chain 2 (This counts as your first dc), bpdc 5 (behind the slip stitches from the previous round), fpdc 2 (these two will be around the posts of the sc2tog in yellow)

For LEFT shoe, attach yarn in the front post of the 2nd dc2tog, in turquoise, from previous round. Chain 2 (this counts as your first dc), fpdc 1, bpdc 6

Chain 2 and turn

Do three more rows of dc across (7), chain 2 and turn at end of each row.

For last row, dc2tog, ch 2, skip two, dc3tog over last three stitches. Fasten off and weave in ends.

On both shoes, attach button on the outside of shoe, right where you began the back loops of round 3.

DSC_0042 (5)

10 responses to “Little Lion Gift Set| Free pattern”

  1. Hi! I would love a tutorial! !! These are all awesome.

  2. Are you on etsy? I know a local team with a lion mascot, wow would some of those fans love the lion gear.

    1. I do have an etsy account that I used to use, but nobody could really find me there. I have a facebook page and a website, where customers can order items.
      That reminds me… I need to add some links to my blog. 🙂 I’m glad you like them. One of my boys was a lion for Halloween two years ago (his twin was a lamb). They’ve both worn that hat many times since then and get compliments wherever we go! And, I’ve given several as gifts also. It would be so cute to have little lions in the crowd! What a great idea!

  3. had problems with instructions for round 3 of body, got to end of round after 3 repeats of [sc2tog, sc]. so, i counted stitches backward from round 4 dc2tog at centre front of shoe and filled in those stitches as per instructions. now i am ready for strap but i am a little confused, seems like right strap will be backwards and what is “in yellow” and ” in turquoise”? thanks for the pattern though, i hope i can figure it out because these are very cute and i am in need of several unisex patterns this year.

    1. Hi! I’m glad you like my booties. I’m sorry there are some confusing parts. The “in yellow” and “in turquoise” are for the pdf version of the pattern. I thought I took those out for the web version, but obviously not. Sorry about that. They denote where to start the strap. For the strap, fasten off and then re-attach the yarn, 3 stitches toward the front of the shoe, from where you left off. The first few stitches of the strap are around the back post, then around the front post as it comes around to the toe of the shoe. I will be making some of these today for a shower gift. Would a picture tutorial help?

      1. thank you for your reply. yes, i think photos would help me. i did improvise the instructions a little for stitch count And ended up with a decent looking LEFT shoe and i have finished another body and tried attaching the strap for a RIGHT shoe at the toeand following left strap instructions but i guess i should have attached at the last slip stitch and worked back towards the toe. in any case, i have to redo a strap for right shoe. am i supposed to be stitching the strap from the inside of the shoe out or from the outside in? for the left shoe, i added 3 sc to get to the beginning rather than fasten off and reattach.

      2. I added a brand new post- all about the Little Man Button Loafers. I made a photo tutorial. My video didn’t work out like I had hoped, but I think the photos will help you get on the right track. If you’re still confused, please let me know and I can try to get the video to work. 🙂 Thank you!

  4. I was just working on a video tutorial and realized that on Round 4 of the body- the sc 2 at the beginning should actually be at the end. So, that round should read: “Sl st 6, sc2tog, hdc2tog, dc2tog, dc, dc2tog (This stitch should be right at the front center of the shoe), dc, dc2tog, hdc2tog, sl st 6, sc 4.” I’m really sorry about all of the mistakes. I actually revised the pattern a few months ago, but some of the revisions only made it on my Word document and I didn’t get them moved to the web version. Gr! I will get all of the revisions posted as soon as possible.

    When doing the strap, you begin at the inside of the shoe. It folds over from inside to the button on the outside. I will hopefully get these videos posted soon.

  5. […] Little Man Button Loafers (the pattern, by the way, has been reworked and hopefully is easier to understand.  I have a […]

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