Crochet: Panda gift set

panda giftI made this set a while ago, intending to get it sent off to my sister-in-law for her baby shower.  That didn’t happen as planned and now we are going home around the time that little miss will arrive, so now I will just take it in person.  (Todd and Lizzie- if you see this, surprise!  Sorry I’m lame and didn’t send it in time.)

I first found some fabric, that I just fell in love with, to make a sweet little snuggler.  That will be in a different post. 

DSC_0034 (2)eI really think every little girl needs a pair of these crocodile stitch booties, especially ones born in the fall or winter.  DSC_0030 (2)e

Then, of course, we need a matching hat. 

DSC_0024e And, let’s not forget a cute toy for the little one to play with and chew on and stuff. 

DSC_0026eI have another sister-in-law who’s having a boy a couple of months after this little girl is set to be born.  Their showers were around the same time, so naturally I didn’t get hers sent in time either.  (Kristen- if you see this, sorry I’m lame!  Your gift post will be coming soon.)

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