A new dress

I did some sewing for myself this week.  I am getting too big for my normal skirts and dresses… and all of my maternity clothes are in Idaho (we’re picking them up next week).  A while back I found some really fun silky fabric at Walmart, of all places, on the clearance table.  It was like $2 a yard and I picked up all that was left (3 yards).  I thought it might come in handy some time.

So then, I ended up seeing this post on Project Sewn and thought this might be the perfect opportunity to use my fun silky fabric I’ve been hoarding. The theme is Fashion Icons.  The only pregnant fashion icon I could think of is Princess Kate, here specifically:


I like the polka dots and the flowy fabric.  I like the style and that it’s not super obvious that she’s cooking a kid (unless you see her from the side).  I didn’t want to make anything too fitted, though, and I really need it to be comfortable, especially around my big ol’ belly.  Also, I have to have my hemline below the knee.

ImageI also took inspiration for some of the elements (pleated front and elastic waist) from this maternity dress I found online:

ImageImageI cut the neckline too wide, which is fine because I plan to only wear it with a cardigan anyway, but that was kind of a bummer.

ImageI think I might be able to wear this dress after baby, too… maybe.

22 weeks… ish

2 responses to “A new dress”

  1. Love it!

  2. I love the fabric! Great finding! The dress is gorgeous and I would use it after baby.

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