Prairie Rose Pattern from Aesthetic Nest

I recently did some pattern testing for the uber talented Anneliese, of Aesthetic Nest.  I don’t remember when or how I first stumbled upon her blog, but I know I immediately followed it because I felt this, sort of, kinship with her.  She has three daughters (I have three sons).  She sews and paints and crochets (I sew and paint and crochet!).  She plans beautiful, elaborate parties. (I plan… well, I plan parties, too.)  See what I mean?!  We are basically the same!  (Though, she has quite a bit more talent in each of these areas than I do.)

I tested the blouse and maxi skirt patterns.  I made the 18 month size for a friend/ colleague/ photographer’s daughter.  She is adorable and models many of my Puddy Pad Designs creations.  I asked Gina Gandee, Gina Gandee Photography, if she would be interested in helping me with this sewing opportunity as well and she was kind enough to say yes!


I used some fabric from my ever-growing stash… these fabrics are actually from my mom’s stash, so they’re pretty old.  I think I remember when my mom got the patterned fabric to make Christmas dresses for my sisters and me.  Maybe?  Anyway, Anneliese mentioned that she thought these patterns could be great for Holiday sewing, so I thought I’d play toward that a little bit.


The blouse is some sort of cotton blend with a nice sheen and a great drape.  (I only pretend to know what I’m talking about with fabrics.  I need to read Dana Willard’s book, “Fabrics A to Z.“)  The blouse has quite a bit of fabric, so it fits pretty big, but all of the elastic does a nice job of cinching in.  It is very feminine and easy.


The skirt is definitely a cotton, maybe a blend, but mostly cotton.  When I made my version, the pattern didn’t have the right size for the hem ruffle.  It has been fixed, but not by the time I made this outfit, so my ruffle is not quite as ruffled as it is supposed to be.  The next one I make will be more accurate.


I had a nice experience testing this pattern for Anneliese.  I would love to do more pattern testing.  It is a fun way to help designers out by giving feedback as well as practicing some sewing skills.  I love the way the waist and sleeve elastic casing is done on this pattern, btw.  You should get the pattern just for that! 🙂


The finished garment is professional looking and seems to be really great quality.


Head on over to Aesthetic Nest to see some more awesome versions of the Prairie Rose patterns.  There are some dresses, some pants, more blouses and skirts… something for every little girl.

Anneliese is offering a Thanksgiving promotion on both of her etsy shops:

Aesthetic Nest (link: )

Wee Muses (link: )

Use code THANKS20

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