New NEW website

So, last time, I told you about a new website,  Well, now I have a new NEW website at

It is just like the site, but it has an easier domain name to remember.  The prices on the .com site are better, by the way, so you’ll want to do your shopping on  (I will be updating the site for those who end up there, but to make it easy, just shop at .com)

ImageYou might be asking yourself why I’ve got this website in the first place.  The short answer is, it’s for a class I’m taking at school.  A longer answer is because I have had a lot of interest in my crocheted designs and wanted to have a place for people to order. 

ImageIt will be easier to keep track of sales.  It will be good for customers to send their friends (you know, word of mouth is what will really drive my business).  It will be a good place to keep my crocheted items separate from my sewing and art crafts, which will still be featured on this blog. 

So, check out the Pad and get your Christmas orders in early.  I am getting pretty busy with Holiday orders already, so you’ll want to make sure to get on the list before I run out of time.  🙂

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