New Website

So, I’ve been a little MIA lately.  Thanks for coming over and hanging out anyway.  I have been really busy with school and sick kids and all sorts of stuff.  But, I have some exciting things coming up- Halloween costumes!  I’ve gotten my supplies ready to make our family costumes, now I just need to get ‘er done. 

The thing that’s taken the most time lately is school.  As most of you know, I’m doing an online program in Web Design.  For one of my classes, I have to create an online business site.  I have gotten it mostly ready to go this week and wanted to link to it here. It has a shop and a blog, so I will probably not do as many crochet themed posts over here because they will go over there.  Anyway, here’s the link: 

Check it out. Tell me what you think. 

Because a post without at least one picture is a crying shame:

ImageThis little cutie is for a friend’s daughter’s Halloween costume.  Isn’t it crazy cool?!  (Minion ski mask)


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