My new dress

I happen upon a lot of fun sewing competitions in blog-land.   I also watch a lot of Project Runway (probably my favorite show), and I love to see what people come up with using a bit of fabric.  I noticed this happening now: a linky party/ competition based on the Coffee Date dress from the Burdastyle website. 

Probably two years ago, I downloaded the pattern with the intention of making one for myself.  I never got around to it- partially because I’m just starting to get comfortable with sewing things for myself.  (I just looked up when I downloaded the pattern- June 2010- over three years ago!)

Well, this was the perfect kick in the pants to make something inspired by the Coffee Date Dress.  Image

I dug through my fabric stash, another partially finished project, and other ideas I’d filed away and the Coffee Date morphed into something completely different. 

ImageIt is more like the Sunny Soiree dress from Anthropologie, which I love. 

I did use the Coffee Date Dress pattern for the placement of the ruffle and bodice darts, otherwise it’s completely self drafted. 

ImageThe bodice is some soft, silky something or another.  I have no idea what kind of fabric it is.  I like the way it hangs, though.

I love the key hole back.ImageThe skirt is a silk chiffon with tiny polka dots.  I have had it for quite a while.  I first tried to make a maxi skirt with it, but ended up cutting it incorrectly.  Because of that, the shape of this skirt is not quite what I had in mind, but I like it.  It’s flowy and fun and I feel like a ballerina. 🙂

The lining is re-purposed from a jersey knit dress.  ImageI wore my new dress to church on Sunday and was super happy with the wear-ability.  The elastic casing on the back makes it very comfortable (no zippers!). 

ImageI’m pretty happy with my new threads! 

Sorry about the bad photos.  I can’t seem to find my real camera, so I’ve been relying solely on the iphone. 


3 responses to “My new dress”

  1. I love the pink and the dark together….and it looks so vintagey and modern all at the same time!!!! Love it! ~Elizabeth

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! I really wish I could find my camera. These pictures do not do it justice. 🙂 Thanks for the comment. Your site is one that I stalk… I mean follow.

  2. very cute! I like the color and all the ruffles :o) I also linked up to the sew a long, having fun looking at all the other projects! Emily @

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