Paintings now in the shop!

I know it’s only August and you’re probably not thinking about Christmas yet.  I always get super busy around Christmas time, though, and I’m hoping to get a jump on my Christmas projects.  If you’re interested in having me paint something for you this year, be sure to get your order in well in advance. 

I currently have two options: acrylic and oil

Acrylic:  This is a fun, simple, colorful style of painting I have done quite a bit. These are quite popular for children’s photos especially.

ImageImageImageOil:  More blended colors and maybe a little more 3-dimensional.  These are popular for pets. (Though, I can do whatever image either way).  Oil paint takes significantly longer to dry than acrylic, so plan accordingly.

ImageImageImageOf course, I’m able to do other sizes and subjects than what I’ve listed in the shop, so email me with any questions.  

There were SO MANY shops named Stitches by… so I changed the name of my shop to Chelsie Brady Original.  I think that is more general, so I can sell art and other things besides sewing or crocheting.

Chelsie Brady Original etsy shop

Come say hi!

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