Crocheted things

I’ve been crocheting lately.  It is a nice activity to do during long drives and late nights, which is exactly what the past couple of weeks have had to offer.  We had family dinners, baby showers, birthday parties, family reunion, and a nice relaxing vacation.

ImageThis little owl hat and brimmed hat with booties set was for my sister’s baby shower.

ImageFor our family reunion, we do a silent auction with things that we’ve made or collected or just want to get rid of.  There are usually some toys for the kids to bid on (Liam got a golf set and a transformer toy.)

ImageThis monster hat was one of my contributions. I also made a pink owl hat (like the blue one above, but thick like this monster hat)

ImageMy sister bought the pink one and my uncle bought the blue one. 

ImageOn the way home, I whipped up this cute little wavy number.

ImageWhile it looks super cute on my little Luke (and he really loves wearing it), I think I will send this one to my new nephew, set to hatch at the beginning of September.

ImageI may just have to make another for my little hat man.

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