Twirly skirt

I made this skirt a while ago and didn’t know if I really liked it at first.  I have an old super soft skirt, which I love, that I patterned it after.  I used different fabric, though, and did a few other things differently, like buttons for the closure. 

ImageYou know how much I dislike doing button holes? (see here) So, I was determined to figure them out for this skirt.  They aren’t perfect, but SOOOOO much better than all of my previous attempts.

ImageThe fabric.  It’s the same pattern as my boys’ shorts I made a few weeks back.  I found it on clearance, again for $2.50/ yd.  But!  There was just over a yard, so if I took the rest, they gave me half off!  Score! 

I had the contrast yoke fabric, the buttons, and everything else… so this skirt cost a whopping $1.75! That deserves a twirl…

ImageNow that I’ve worn it (and washed it) a few times, it has become softer and I like it quite a bit.  It’s nice and casual and comfortable.  I like!



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