Birthday apron

Liam’s cute friend, Avery, turned 4 last week.  Liam wanted to give her a present.  He loves to help me make cookies and do chores while wearing his apron and thought that Avery needed an apron as well.  So, I made a cute, girly, ruffley apron for a sweet little girl.


I love the ruffles on the bodice

Imageand the scalloped hemline.

ImageI used velcro for the neck strap, so she can easily get it on and off.

ImageWe also gave her some hot pads, cupcake tin, cupcake mix, and frosting to complete the birthday cupcake idea.

Liam was so cute when he handed her the gift.  He said, “Open it, Avery!  It’s cupcakes!”  🙂Image

Update:  Available now in the etsy shop!  Go here.

One response to “Birthday apron”

  1. Donna Cuillard Avatar
    Donna Cuillard

    How much are they? I want one for my granddaughter?

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