First painting since babies

To keep my creative juices flowing the past… gosh… nearly seventeen months, I have done mostly sewing projects with some preschool crafts thrown in there at times. But, back in February a friend asked me to do a painting for her for a Father’s Day gift. 


This was the perfect project to get back into the swing of painting.  I had plenty of time, which was helpful since I’d only have twenty minutes here or an hour there to work on it.  It ended up taking a couple of months from start to finish. 


I got it done and delivered probably six weeks ago and I had forgotten about blogging about it.  That is, until I pulled out my paints and brushes to start working on a couple of other little projects- another commission and a few personal paintings. 


My kids are finally getting a little more independent, which will hopefully mean that I’ll be able to do some more painting!  Of course, I also have to clean, cook, run errands, do homework, and just remain sane, so I’m not anticipating being able to paint as consistently as I used to.  I sure do love it, though, when I get the chance.  🙂

24X12 oil on canvas
This is more accurate coloring than the above photo, but it’s blurry. #ineedabettercamera

One response to “First painting since babies”

  1. Donna Cuillard Avatar
    Donna Cuillard

    Absolutely beautiful. So precious……

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