Turquoise baby dress

One thought on “Turquoise baby dress”

  1. Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is Donna Cuillard and I am also LDS and am working on the BRADY family – the descendants of Hugh Brady, born 1709 and his wife Hannah McCormick. They came to the Colonies in 1730 and settled in Cumberland County, PA. I am on the board for the Brady Family Association. We share our information freely with all descendants, send our a newsletter 3 times a year and hold reunions every three years. Just wondering if you are from that BRADY line, or are you possibly from Lindsay Anderson BRADY, born 1811, early LDS Convert and friend of the Prophet Joseph Smith? My children are descended on both lines, one from myself and one on their father’s line. I am happy to share information on either of these lines. You may contact me directly via e-mail at: dcuillard@aol.com or you may call me via my cell phone at (805) 341-7890. I live in Southern California. Thank you for posting the beautiful photos of your family! By the way, I have 7 children – 6 sons & 1 daughter, all grown now. I also have 17 grandchildren – 12 boys & 5 girls and one great grandson…. yes, boys just keep popping up in my family as well:)
    Thanks again,

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