Another baby shower gift

It seems like everyone is having babies right now!  It’s great!  My favorite things to sew are kids clothes- especially for other people.  Mid week I found out about a baby shower happening Saturday evening for a mommy friend.  She has a young son and new baby is a girl!  🙂  I couldn’t think about the gift too much because I didn’t have much time, so I went with another crocheted sweater and dress. 

ImageThe dress: ImageIt is the adorable Geranium Dress by Made by Rae.  I didn’t use quite as much fabric for the skirt as the pattern calls for.  I omitted the pockets.  And I added a contrasting band between the bodice and skirt.  Otherwise, I followed the pattern pretty closely.

ImageThe plan was to make a matching diaper cover using the lining fabric, but I didn’t get to that.  I got it all cut out, though, so I will probably finish it and give it to her later.

ImageI sewed buttons onto the back for aesthetics, but I used snaps for the closure.

The sweater:

ImageI used the same pattern that I used before, but I made a few little tweaks.  I, again, kept the sleeves short and added a scallop around the edges.  On the front edges, though, I added a row of dc stitches before the scallop, so that I could fold over to button.  I shortened the bodice to just 7 rows of bobble stitches.  I think that looks better with this fuller skirt dress.  And, I used 3 buttons, the same as for the dress.  

ImageI’m sure there will be many more of these sweaters and dressed in the future.  I love the finished product!

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