Baby shower 2 gifts

My sister is pregnant. (All three of my sisters were pregnant at the same time until last week, when Whitney had her baby girl) We just found out last week that it’s a boy!  Of course, I couldn’t be more excited.  We had a shower for her while we were in town.  I didn’t have much time to make gifts before going, so I will hopefully add to her gift pile by the time baby Lincoln comes. 

Little man suit:

ImageWith this one, I made the vest separate from the onesie.  That way, I think it will last a little longer.  She’ll be able to put a different shirt underneath, if she wants.  The bow tie is also removable and interchangeable.ImageSwaddler:

…of course!  This one might be my favorite.  I love houndstooth, and turquoise, and fluffy fleece. 🙂 (I have made 4 swaddlers, I think.  2 with flannel lining and 2 with fleece.  The fleece ones seem so warm and cozy.)ImageEasiest baby blankie in the world:ImageIt’s quite cute, though.  It is literally two pieces of fabric (one cotton and one flannel) sandwiched between some homemade bias tape.  One quick seam around the entire edge= no turning or clipping corners.

Looks like I didn’t get a picture of the crocheted hat I made for baby. 
More to come.

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