Baby shower 1 gift

The day we left, a friend had a baby shower.  I made the gifts and got them packaged up before we left also. 

One onesie, three ways.  The bow tie is removable with a piece of velcro.

ImageLittle polka dot swaddler.  This has kind of become my go-to baby shower gift.  I hadn’t tried them on an actual baby before, though, so I hope it works.

ImageI am going to try to modify the pattern, I think, for tiny babies.  I tried the floral/pink version on my sister’s brand new baby (5 lbs) and she just swam in it. It will be great in a month or so, though.

ImageA matching hat and booties set.


ImageThe baby is due in October (in Rexburg, Idaho), so, even though I’m wishing for sun hats and flip flops, I think these will come in handy.

Next up: more baby stuff.

One response to “Baby shower 1 gift”

  1. How did I not know this blog existed? That hat and booties are quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen. You do such a great job.

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