Preschool Crafts: Tornado in a Bottle

I’m usually not sewing or painting or cooking or crafting.  Most of my time during the week is spent hanging out with my kids.  We generally do a craft (or activity) or two a week.  Sometimes we do these in conjunction with school- learning letters and numbers- but sometimes just for fun.  I was thinking I would start a little series to document the things that we’ve done.  It might be useful for someone else as well.

ImageLiam has been obsessed with tornadoes lately.  At the end of his bath he likes to watch the water go down the drain.  He likes to watch the tornado that forms when he flushes the toilet.  He loves to watch the National Geographic show about tornadoes.  I knew this activity would be right up his alley. 

ImageI’ve seen these done using soda bottles, but I thought the smaller water bottles would be better for Liam’s little hands. 

ImageWe fused the two lids together, drilled the hole, and filled the bottle with water, which he decided to color red- of course!ImageHe has been loving his tornado since we made it.  A friend came over on Thursday and Liam was so excited to show off his new toy.  He has also been telling everyone what a tornado is- “Dad, did you know that a tornado is a spinning column of air?” 

ImageThis was a perfect activity for my tornado obsessed boy.Image

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