Here’s a story about a boy named Liam.

Liam is a sweet, sweet boy.

ImageLet me tell you a story:  The other day Liam went to a friend’s house to play while I took the twins (with a friend) coupon shopping.  I’ll tell you one thing: If you ever get into couponing, and have a million kids, you will need a friend to help… and better yet- try to pawn off the oldest to another friend, because who really wants to meander down the aisles, searching for the best deals, with a whining three-year-old who would rather be doing anything else, even eating vegetables?  So, this day I was able to do just that- let the kid go play with a favorite friend.  We pulled up to said friend’s driveway and were greeted by a cute, happy-faced, friend, sporting fuzzy footie jammies.  She is adorable.  I sent Liam on his way, pockets stuffed with all sorts of hot wheels and McDonald’s- type garbage toys, secretly hoping that he’d accidentally forget some of them.  

My couponing friend and I went about our business and got some good deals at the first store.  We were just finishing up at the second store when Liam’s play date came to an end and he was dropped off to us there.  He came running down the aisle with a big wad of tissue stuck to his face.ImageHe got a bit of a cold the other day, stayed home from church on Sunday, and has been a little snotty ever since.  He doesn’t like the feeling of snot in his nose; and, since he can’t blow his nose very well, he holds a tissue on his nose All. Day. Long.  He did so at his friend’s house.  The snot mixed with the soft tissue and formed a sort of cast on his nose, so he was able to let go and it stayed attached.  Weird.  and gross.

That is NOT the sweet part of the story.  We finished our shopping, went home, and carried on with our days.  I got a text a little later from the friend’s mom, telling me of what took place just minutes after Liam got to her house to play. 

ImageRemember, friend was in pjs.  Mom took friend to the bedroom to get dressed for the day.  Liam came in and asked, “what are you doing?” to which the friend replied, “getting dressed.”  Liam responded without missing a beat, “Why are you doing that?  you look great just how you are!” 

He is a sweet boy.

ImageHe does things all the time that make my mommy-heart fill with pride.  Some time I’ll tell you some Primary stories.  (We’re only 3 months into Primary and he’s already got some good ones.)

ImageMy friend text again and said that Liam is such a gentleman and that Mike must be a great example of that.  It is true.  I have some really great little guys, who are learning so much from their really great daddy.  I am a lucky gal. 🙂


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