Latest projects

Baby blankets

I made Liam a baby blankie before he was born and wanted to make one for each of the twins as well.  I have been loving chevrons lately, so I decided to make theirs zig zag quilts.  They came together really easily (just a bit time-consuming) and look cute.  I love the color combinations of both of them.

Baby blessing outfits

Of course, we had one blessing outfit from when Liam was a baby, so I needed to make at least one more.  Well, then I was trying to decide if I should make just one or make two brand new ones.  I found a simple pattern and decided to make one for each of the little guys.

Portland Temple painting

I was asked to decorate for the RS Enrichment night, which was all about the temple.  I had a couple of Salt Lake temple images that I used, but I figured we needed the Portland Temple, too.  I just did this simple painting… nothing super special, but I kind of like the way it turned out.  I think we’ll put it in our bedroom.

24X24 oil on board

Sorry about all the bad pictures.  They are all from my cell phone.  I have been doing other things in the kids’ room and some other paintings that I need to show you.  I will get to it, I promise.  For now, though, I need to go try to relieve the pain in my back.  This pregnancy is definitely harder than the last.  We’ve got just 6-8 weeks left, though, and then we’ll meet our little guys!

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