Pink corduroy baby dress

A friend just had a baby girl.  I, of course, wanted to MAKE something.  I decided to make a sweet little corduroy dress, but didn’t have a pattern.  So, I sketched some images and got to work making a pattern.  I totally felt like I was on Project Runway and I had a little Tim angel on my shoulder saying, “Make it work!”  I think it’s pretty cute.  Hopefully my friend will like it.

Well, then I decided it needed some shoes- some little mary janes.  So, I made these.

And, finally,  I decided it needed a little diaper cover made from the lining fabric.  So, I did that.

I went to Utah/Idaho to visit friends and family recently.  While there my mom let me look through her fabric stash and take what I thought I’d use.  I filled an entire large suitcase and sent it home with my husband.  This fabric was from that!  I will have plenty of projects to do using this and other fabrics from that stash.  How lovely!

2 responses to “Pink corduroy baby dress”

  1. What fun!! You are amazing, Miss Chelsie! Unbelievable. I just voted for you to have two girls, but now I want one of each – just so you can make cool things for them!! 🙂

  2. […] for my nieces out of this fun pink corduroy, that’s been used for various other projects here, here, and […]

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