Crochet: Little Man Button Loafers Pattern and Tutorial

DSC_0041 (6)A few months ago, I added revisions to my Little Man Button Loafers pattern… or so I thought.  About half of the revisions didn’t show up- and I wanted to add a tutorial anyway- so I’ve decided to make this new post as kind of a re-release of that pattern.

DSC_0044 (3)

I have made several versions of these shoes.  They are nice and functional.

DSC_0037 (6)

DSC_0095 (4)ppd

These Mrs. Claus boots even started out as Little Man Button Loafers:

DSC_0082 (4)

For the printable pattern (no tutorial pictures) go to my Ravelry Shop here:
Little Man Button Loafers printable

So, let’s get to it.

Little Man Button Loafers­

By Chelsie Brady of Puddy Pad Designs

Newborn (3 in.): Size F hook

0-6 month (3.5- 4 in): Size G hook

Worsted weight yarn


Chain 12

Round 1

Beginning in second stitch from hook, sc 4, hdc 2, dc 4, 7 dc in last stitch

Working along other side of chain, dc 4, hdc 2, sc 3, 3 sc in last stitch (do not join, just continue in next stitch) (29)

Round 2

Sc 10, [2 sc in same stitch]- 7 times, sc 9, [2 sc in same stitch]- 4 times (41)

Round 3

Sc 11, [sc, 2 sc in same stitch]- 5 times, sc 11, [sc, 2 sc]- 4 times (49)


Round 1

IN BACK LOOPS ONLY, hdc in each stitch around (49)

Round 2

hdc in each stitch around (49)

Round 3

Sc 10,DSC_0085

**To make sure you’re starting in the right place, find the very center front of the shoe, count 10 stitches back.  That is where your next stitch should be.**


IN BACK LOOPS ONLY: sc2tog, sc 2, hdc2tog, [dc2tog]- 4times, hdc2tog, sc 2, sc2tog

Sc 10, [sc2tog, sc]- 4 times (Don’t worry about stitch count from here on.  We aren’t going to start and stop each round at the same place anymore.)

Round 4

Sl st 6, sc2tog, hdc2tog, dc2tog, dc, dc2tog (this stitch should be right at the front of the shoe), dc, dc2tog, hdc2tog, sc2tog, sl st 6, sc 2, sc2tog, sc 4, sl st to join last stitch. Fasten off and weave in ends.



For RIGHT shoe, attach yarn around back post 3 stitches from where you left off.

This is where you should have left off.
This is the correct starting point of the RIGHT shoe strap

Chain 2, bpdc 5 (behind the slip stitches from the previous round), fpdc 2 (these two will be around the posts of the sc2tog from round 3 of the body, not round 4)

2nd fpdc on RIGHT shoe strap
RIGHT shoe strap Row 1 complete

**I suggest starting with the RIGHT shoe and then eyeballing the correct placement of the strap for the LEFT shoe based on your finished RIGHT shoe**

Correct starting point of the LEFT shoe strap

For LEFT shoe, attach yarn in the front post of the sc2tog from round 3 of the body, not round 4. Chain 2 (this counts as your first dc), fpdc 1 (also on round 3), bpdc 6 (behind the sl st from previous round)

First row of LEFT shoe strap complete

Chain 2 and turn

Do three more rows of dc across (7), chain 2 and turn at end of each row.

3 rows RIGHT shoe strap complete. Do one more row and then complete the last row as written.

For last row, dc2tog, ch 2, skip two, dc3tog over last three stitches. Fasten off and weave in ends.

On both shoes, attach button on the outside of shoe, right where you began the back loops of round 3.

DSC_0047 (3)

I would love to see your finished products! Post your work at

or on Instagram, using #LittleManButtonLoafers

You are welcome to sell items created from this pattern, but please do not sell the pattern as your own. Please link to

9 responses to “Crochet: Little Man Button Loafers Pattern and Tutorial”

  1. I cannot get 40 stitches on row 2 what am I doing wrong if you sc 10 and 14 and 9 and 8 you get 41 what is wrong, please e-mail me at Thanks

  2. What if I started out with sc 9 on the second row instead of 10, then it would work out to 40 sc at the end

    1. Hi Betty. Thank you for the mail! You are absolutely correct. Somehow, that stitch count has been overlooked so many times! 🙂 You are welcome to start the second round with 9 sc instead of 10, but I think that will put you starting in the wrong spot for the decreases on the toe. I will work up another pair of these and make the appropriate edits in a few days. For now, let’s just change the stitch count on round 2 to 41. Thanks again! Let me know if there are any other errors and I will try to get them all worked out.

      1. What if I started out with sc 9 on the second row instead of 10, then it would work out to 40 sc at the end. I just got your message, I am going to wait for you to fix the pattern, thanks for doing it, cant wait to make these. Thanks again

  3. Just wondering if you made any changes to this pattern, because I cant seem to figure it out, and would love to make them, they are gorgeous

  4. Please e-mail me with the correction. THANKS

  5. Havent heard fron you re changes in this pattern and I cant wait to make them , could you e-mail me with the changes, Thanks

    1. Finally got the edits made and the pattern should be correct now. You can download the printable version at

      This pattern has not been tested, so if you see any other problems, please let me know and I will try to get them worked out as soon as possible.

      Thank you! Can’t wait to see your finished product!

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